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Category: Operations Software

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

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Short Description

Omnae is a collaborative cloud-based Supply Chain Management platform that helps brands grow by organizing and simplifying the manufacturing process. Companies reduce risks, boost efficiency and increase confidence in their supply chain operations by managing their relationships, information, communication and quality on one platform. Throughout the entire production cycle, from design review to logistics and quality management, all products, orders and information is centralized and made visible. It enables teams to share data and collaborate remotely with each other and with their outsourced manufacturing partners around the world more effectively than ever.

We currently have customers in common with Omnae . For more details, reach out to Emily.

Omnae does not currently have an App in the Skubana App Store


Average Monthly Pricing: 500

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These are the topics their marketing team is focused on: Digital Transformation, Supply Chain Control, Ethical Manufacturing, Sustainable Manufacturing, Green Products, Eco-Friendly Products

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