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Category: Shipping and Logistics

Headquarters: San Francisco

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Short Description

Returnly helps merchants deliver a refreshingly seamless return and exchange process that exceeds expectations to ensure customers become loyal and repeat shoppers. With Returnly Credit, customers can get the right items before they return the wrong one with Returnly taking the risk. The result is a world-class shopping experience with an average consumer satisfaction score (CSAT) of 91%.

We currently have customers in common with Returnly . For more details, reach out to Emily.

Returnly does not currently have an App in the Skubana App Store


Average Monthly Pricing: 650

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These are the topics their marketing team is focused on: Customers Experience, Omni-channel, Automation, Customer Loyalty & Retention, Customization

Want to connect with their marketing point of contact? Reach out to Karen Fitzgerald

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